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Helping Nurses Transform Their Lives by Overcoming Stress, Burnout, and Emotional and Moral Distress

Are you a nurse who is:

  • Stuck in survival mode and trying to figure out how to navigate life’s challenges? 

  • Feeling so burnt out you wonder if you can stay in your current job or in nursing over all?

  • Longing to turn your frustration into action, but don’t know where to start? 

  • Ready to up-level your life with support and guidance? 

You invested a lot of money, time, tears, and sweat to become a nurse and succeed in your career. After all that, it can be devastating to wonder if you belong in a different field, but there are creative ways to get your return on investment and find joy in nursing again. And when we find that joy & purpose within ourselves, we can light the way for other hard-working nurses as well as for new generations of nurses to come.

Want to explore deeper? Work with Vivien Joy (limited openings)  

  • Find the joy in nursing again
  • Discover creative ways to bounce back when life happens
  • Find meaning and purpose in your personal and professional lives that will sustain your joy and happiness
  • Put yourself first and find healthy habits that stick, so that you can have the energy to provide and care more to others
  • Flip from being furious to being curious! 

Come alive again and re-engage through the heart. Remember the excitement of getting into nursing school and the excitement of getting the job you wanted? Find that excitement again. The skills are within your reach.

Do you also dream of being part of a better healthcare system?

A better healthcare system includes taking better care of nurses to prevent nursing shortages and early burnout. Working with me to learn to take care of yourself means being part of  bigger, institutional and cultural change.

We can:

  • See change in our healthcare system by being a catalyst for change
  • Only heal our healthcare systems and overcome its challenges by first healing ourselves.
  • Leave a legacy for the future of nursing 

Transform Yourself, Transform Healthcare

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To Your Health, Happiness and Healing,

Vivien Joy Lamadrid, RN 





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