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It’s the Year 2020. A lot has transpired over the years. After working as a recovery room nurse for 7 years I decided to go back to working as in the ICU. I will eventually go back to help people who are going undergoing surgery and medical procedures, but  in a different way.

I’ve been back to working as a critical care nurse for the past 3 years, and cared directly for COVID patients in the ICU. These are definitely challenging times.

I decided to focus on providing support for nurses to help take better care of themselves and build resilience,  so that they can be better version of themselves in their professional and personal lives.

Stay tuned! A lot of exciting things will be revealed! 🙂

To Your Health, Happiness, and Healing,

Vivien Joy Lamadrid, RN

Welcome to my website Journeys for Wellness


My name is “Vivien Joy” Lamadrid. Currently I’m a critical care nurse working in the ICU (intensive care unit)  with 7 years experience as a recovery room nurse with a holistic approach to health.

I’ve been a nurse for almost 20 years and have seen and experienced many advances and challenges in health care. My focus is to help nurses take better care of themselves so that they can build resilience.

The most amazing change I’ve seen is an increased awareness in the value of using mind, body, and spiritual approaches to wellness . Since 2001 I’ve been fascinated with holistic approaches to self-care and for dealing with the stresses of everyday life. As I go through my own journey of healing, learning, and educating others, as well as working with my patients and clients, I’m meeting more and more people who are open to a new way of well-being.

Stay tune to more updates!

Empowering You to Integrate Holistic Approaches for Optimal Health & Healing

Take care,
Vivien Joy Lamadrid, RN
Holistic Nurse & Healing Touch Practitioner