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Using your Breath to Help to Prepare and Recover from Surgery

What Happens to Your Breath When you are Stressed?

When you are stressed, afraid, or anxious about having surgery or medical procedures, it is common to hold the breath or start to breath shallow and fast. At the same time, the body tenses up. So shat happens to your breath?  How does your body feel, and where in your body do you hold your tension and your emotions?

Help to Prepare and Recover from Surgery

Feeling Anxious or Afraid of Surgery? – It’s a Normal Human Response

It’s normal to feel anxious and afraid of having surgery or medical procedures, so don’t feel bad or think that you are not strong enough. You are having a normal human response to something that is being done to your body that is invasive. Be aware and know that it’s ok to have these feelings. But it’s not helpful to let these feelings dwell in your body. You can use the power of the breath to let go.  When you breathe in all the way down to your lower abdomen, imagine breathing in nurturing, healing breaths that will promote feelings of calmness, and mental clarity. When you breathe out, let go of any feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, tension, or pain; release any mental or emotional charges that no longer serve you.  If you catch your mind wandering around, just acknowledge it without judging, and bring your awareness to your lower abdomen. Then you can restart the cycle of breathing with the intention for relaxation, comfort, and healing.

What I Tell Recovery Room Patients

To help prepare and recover from surgery, I tell my patients in the recovery room to use the breath on the exhale to let go of the pain and allow it to release from the body. Taking deep breaths promotes relaxation and healing, improves oxygenation and circulation, and helps pain medication work more effectively.

Focusing on your breath with the intention for relaxation, comfort, and healing is an empowering skill to have that can help with all aspects of life. This is one life skill you can master to help keep you happy and healthy. Feel free to share this tip with those who may need a breath of fresh air.

Let us know how this has helped you;  please share your comments below.

Happy Healing!

Vivien Joy Lamadrid, RN
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (Energy Medicine Practitioner)
Holistic Nurse and Recovery Room Nurse
Surgical Support Nurse Coach