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Inspirational and Educational Information on Wellness in Social Media

There is so much content out there where people are sharing information using a variety of social media platforms. The content can be either informational, educational, depressing, frustrating, causing emotional triggers, inspiring, uplifting, motivational etc. Social media is one way that people can express their true voice, educate, and share their passions, visions, and dreams.

There is a new movement where people are finding their why and purpose on living and wanting to make change for the better. I’m one of those people.

I see and experience the advancements, celebrations, and challenges that our health care is facing, as a nurse working at the bedside caring for patients in corporate healthcare for the past 20 years. My expertise as a bedside nurse, as well as a holistic nurse, is bringing the best of both worlds to help you with the health of your body, mind, and spirit.

I’m using the power of the Internet to share valuable content to help people just like you, to feel empowered to take holistic approaches for optimal health and healing.

If you haven’t done already please connect with me on my social media links. I’m just getting more active with Instagram, and I love it. Instagram is where you can connect with like-minded people and doesn’t have the noise and limitations like what FB has. Instagram is more of a happier, inspirational place to be. Give it a try. In FB you’ll see the news that you don’t want to see and posts where people expressed their frustrations. Plus I have to pay FB to have more people see my post. Pinterest I still love it, but for me it’s too overwhelming and it’s hard to keep track of what is what. Instagram is more doable for me and I’m connecting with other like-minded people who are inspirational and sharing their amazing gifts to the world.

I would love to connect with you via social media. I look forward in seeing you there.

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