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Ending the Year with Peace in Your Heart Through Forgiveness

Well, we are in our last month in the year 2015. You may be surrounded with family and friends during the holiday season, or you may celebrating with loved ones who had transitioned over or in other words passed away. Or you may be alone or away from your family or loved ones. Families have different dynamics and with some challenging personalities and behaviors that may be painful emotionally or even traumatic. It’s difficult to let go and forget, but there are ways that you can start to heal to help find peace in your heart so you can move on and live the life that you are meant to live. Starting with self-forgiveness and rippling out forgiveness to your family members and ancestors, will give you a breath of fresh air by letting go.

To end the year with peace in your heart, mind, body and soul, forgiveness is the key to unload 2015 and start the New Year with a new light.

I came across an article about an Ancient Hawaiian tradition of forgiveness,

Ho’ oponopono.

See the graphic below.


Here is a Video on Ho’ oponopono: