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Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster shows you how to use mind-body techniques to reduce anxiety, use 23 to 50 percent less pain medication, and heal faster. Documented by research, it is recommended at leading hospitals across the United States. It includes chapters about using relaxation and visualization to reduce anxiety and speed healing. Feeling peaceful creates the biochemistry that speeds healing. The book is used with Peggy Huddleston’s relaxation CD and Quick Start CD, which are bound into the book. Listen to the relaxation CD to reduce anxiety, stop headaches, and fall asleep if you have insomnia. A chapter explains how to use healing statements, words spoken during surgery that reduce the use of pain medication by 23 to 50 percent. You also learn to talk to a part of your body to discover what emotions are stored in your body and how to release them to speed healing. Other chapters describe vitamins to enhance healing, how to prepare children for surgery, and how to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


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Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
Letting Go describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. During the many decades of the author’s clinical psychiatric practice, the primary aim was to seek the most effective ways to relieve human suffering in all of its many forms. The inner mechanism of surrender was found to be of great practical benefit and is described in this book.

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The Healing Touch Program™ has successfully brought energy medicine into hospitals and clinical settings through a standardized curriculum recognized in mainstream healthcare. Now Cynthia Hutchison, the director of the Healing Touch Program™, invites listeners to discover the core practices that activate our own capacity to transmit healing energy for the benefit of ourselves and others. On Healing Touch Meditations, she offers two CDs of guided techniques based on the training program that certifies Healing Touch practitioners worldwide–featuring the three major meditations taught in Healing Touch along with two additional presentations to prepare you to practice them.

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The Healing Touch Home Study Course: Energy Therapy for Self-Care

Learn Healing Touch for Energy-Based Self-Care
Of the many energy therapies in use today, one stands out as the choice of hospitals and health care centers worldwide: Healing Touch. With The Healing Touch Home Study Course, the founding organization that trains and certifies Healing Touch Practitioners provides the first self-guided program for self-healing and energetic self-development.

A Balanced Energy System Supports Every Dimension of Your Life

Your body’s energy flow is influenced by your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences and habits. Opening and balancing that flow supports healing, allows you to shift old patterns and encourage healthier inner states, boosts your immune system, helps you handle daily stresses and responsibilities, and allows you to make better decisions with greater clarity.

With this course you will learn:
* Core principles of the human energy system
* Centering and grounding principles and practices
* Energetic awareness and self-assessment
* How to focus the healing process through intention and meditation
* Energy system clearing and balancing
* Techniques that direct healing energy with the hands
* Pain relief and management
* Developing your full spiritual and energetic life path, and much more

For nurses, holistic practitioners, and anyone looking for in-depth training for self care, The Healing Touch Home Study Course offers a valuable new resource for discovering the full potential of the human energy system. Taught by senior Healing Touch Certified Instructor Janna Moll.